Friday, January 25, 2013


Dear fellow bloggers and visitors to my site, Our blog posts on Pug's story corner will be delayed due to the lack of internet access as me and my owner are moving home.
I have included some pictures of me exploring my new surroundings and the new walking grounds. We will be back very soon with regular book reviews and Ginny pictures as soon as the main part of this is over. Thanks for sticking with us,  I hope you enjoy this post and see you all very soon.

Plenty of space for me to run around in !

This snow is deeper than it looked

I've found my seat in the bedroom.

I'm to comfy to move

Lovely and cosy

Me and my owner loving the new house

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  1. Oh do hope all goes smoothly on the move. :) Look forward to when you return to the internet. :) Take care! And do take it easy with all that lifting!